Burning Logos


Man has had a fascination with fire for 1000s of years because fire connects with something deep inside of us. It can be powerful and aggressive or comforting and soothing, but either way it is an intriguing element and unarguably an attention getter.


We have 2 types of burning logos Liquid fuel for short but Blazing High impact logos and Gas laser cut polished steel logos with that you want to burn for extended time as an art instilation or classy product launch.We have 14 years experience manipulating metal to custom forge your logo accurately and set it ablase. Our logo operators are certified Fire marshals for safe risk free instilatins

Burning logos are a unique and powerful way to capture your audience’s attention especially if you are having a celebration, launching a new company, doing a brand activation or product launch or simply looking for a high impact memorable moment. Choosing a safely controlled burning logo or message is the way to go.


Let your logo or message heat up your event as it burns a fiery image firmly onto their minds. The excitement it stirs up will leave a lasting impression and make it one of the highlights of your evening.


Include performers

And if you want to enhance the wow factor more we can include theatrical performance with fire dancer’s gas props and drummers.


Private and personal logo’s and names


There are 2 burning logo options

1. Fueled Wick Burning logos – for Short but high impact Logo burns


2. Gas Burning Logo


Gas logo’s are far more intricate to make and are rendered in 2 mm mild steel plate in your exact font and come with a scratch polish finish to add that extra bit of Sparkle to your logo. Because the flames are gas fed the length of time a gas burning logo will burn for is entirely up to you.


When Requesting a quote please include a high resolution pic of your logo and take into account that these logo’s can be built to any size so if you have an idea of the size you want please specify.