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Fire Gear

With over 16 years of Fire equipment design and manufacture experience we offer top quality professional, safe and well designed fire gear. We have a variety of fire products and if we don’t have it or it doesn’t exist yet we will custom make it for you. We also make fire props and build burning logo’s to scale any size.

Dreams of Fire has it’s own authentic and unique design for fire chains and are built for technical accuracy and comfort to allow you to reach your full potential as a fire performer. We are more of a specialty supplier, all carefully hand made and to order with the best quality materials specifically for the performer who wants to get the most out of their equipment.

Check out our product range below and if you would like to order please drop me a mail – and list the product you want. Or for Fire gear inquiries call Adrian on 0822547107.

NB: All prices below exclude shipping.


Practice Staves


Practice Staff meter long single wrap – S.A. Price R150.00 (Code001)

Practice Staff1.4 – 1.8 meter long double wrap – S.A. Price R250.00 (Code002)

Fire Staves


Fire Staff (Kevlar Wick) S.A. Price R550.00 Length 1.2m to 2m Code(003)

Double Fire Staves


R750.00 per set – Length 1m Code(004)

Fire Batons


R550 per set Code(005)

Fire Poi

Fire Poi 500mm wrap


Fire Poi 500mm Wrap R550.00 set Code (006)

Wick Thicknesses


More Wick = Longer Burn Times

More Weight =Better Tech Control

Fire Poi 750mm Wrap R650.00 set Code(007)

Fire Poi 1 meter Wrap R750.00 set Code(008)

Fire Poi- Double Width Wick


Poi Double Width Wick R750.00 set Code(009)

Fire Poi Double Wick Split


Fire PoiDouble Wick Split R750.00 set Code(010)

Sock Poi


SockPoi -Lycra – S.A. Price R150 per set Code(011)

Various color combo’s available

Fire Fans

Fire Fans Rope wick


Fans Rope wick (Kevlar) No longer Available

Spider web Fire Fans


Spider Web Fire Fans S.A. Price R950.00 set Code(013)

Leopard Claw Fire Fans


Leopard Claw Fire Fans Stainless SteelS.A. Price R1200.00 set Code(013)

NB: All Prices exclude Shipping