Thrilling Fire Shows, LED Pixel Poi, Burning Logo’s, Specialty Acts and other Awesome Entertainemnt across South Africa

Set your Night Alight

South Africa’s most Accomplished and Experienced Fire Entertainment Company based in Johannesburg, brings you Specialty Fire Shows with the fire dancers you have seen in FIFA world Cup, Idols, Miss South Africa etc. Our stand alone shows include the most diverse collection of Fire Tools, LED and Pixel Poi with Interactive sets and Choreographed Fire Dance sequences performed to Epic sound tracks. So if you are looking for some really hot Entertainment for a Super Car launch, A Corporate function, Private party, Music Video or Wedding we have the best of the best.

Bigger shows and Add-ons

 We can expand the content of our show and make it more diverse adding in other Specialty Acts like Strength, Adagio, Aerial, Silk, Lira, Bungee, and Globe as well as other types of entertainers like Singers, Bands, Musicians, Belly Dancers, Modern Dancers, Djembe Drummers, Carnival Acts and much More and all these performers can be booked stand alone and some of our acts can be booked for busking and free style performances.We also have show enhancers like Company Burning logo’s built to scale, gas props and led Lighting.

In the Beginning

In the year 2000, on the Millennium, Dreams of Fire Productions was born, a performing arts company that would become a specialist in Fire Dancing and Flow Arts in South Africa. Within a year Dreams of Fire got Fire Dancing recognized in the Corporate World as a Professional Entertainment form and introduced the First Choreographed Fire Dance Stage Shows to the South African Market.

Now 17 years later, we are the most established Fire Stage show company in South Africa with an extensive fire show history from working across South Africa and overseas.

Fire Shows with a difference

With a desire to explore the Fire Arts beyond the usual Poi and Staff, Dreams of Fire tried all different disciplines and so we developed our own diverse collection of Exciting and different Fire Tools as well as show content. Our more unusual tools include Burning Umbrellas, Dragon Staff, Burning Dresses, Fire Wheel, Fire Canons, guns and other gas props and effects, Burning Bass Drums and Grinding Guitars. We are also know for our Custom Build Burning Logos for Corporate Clients and Big Brands.

Globally broadcast shows
“The Welcoming Ceremony for the World Summit 2002”
In 2002 Dreams of Fire was chosen to represent the Fire Element. This was our first inclusion in a Major Production with 500 performers. Nelson Mandela was in the Audience and the Show was Broadcast Worldwide.

The IPL Cricket Closing Ceremony 2009
Dreams of Fire was contracted in to supply a crew of 20 Fire Dancers for The IPL Cricket Closing Ceremony 2009 – to perform with European Fire Group Phoenix Fire Dancers and Eddy Grant.

FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup
In 2010 FIFA Television contacted Dreams of Fire to Feature In the 2010 Soccer World Cup Semi Final Match TV Advert for the match between Germany and Spain which Globally Broadcast to over 2 Billion People.

Dreams of Fire – “ Set your Night Alight “

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