Drum Facilitation and Team Building,  Drum Circles and Djembe Drumming

When you Tune in to the Rhythms of your heart you will notice that you maintain a constant beat. So you can look at Drumming as an out ward expression of the beat you carry in your heart. 


The Cradle Drum Circle

Johannesburg South Africa 

Drum Circle dates for the rest of 2019

Friday June 14th 
Friday July 19
Friday Aug 16
Friday Sep 13 – fullmoom is on 14th 6:32am
No Drum Circle
Friday Nov 15
Friday December 13 – fullmoon 12th 7:12am

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Inquiries: email Adrian  – a@dreams-of-fire.co.za

IF you would like to be kept updated on circles just SMS your Name and the letters CDC to

082 254 7107 to get  invites 

Once a Month on a Friday Night closest to Full Moon a group of light minded rhythmical people gather around a blazing fire in a colorful visual landscape under a star filled sky enhanced by the rhythmical sounds of Djembe Drums and other Stimulating Percussion. It’s a family friendly environment and everybody is welcome so come join us for an evening of rhythmical enchantment.


Community Drum Circle

The community drum circle isn’t the same as a workshop or facilitation. It is not dominated by one person. It is more a free flow gathering where everybody gets involved and contributes their individual style in a synergized way so we plug into a collective rhythm. It could be called improve. You could say this is more a jam session than a pre rehearsed rhythmic piece.

This is a place where drummers and like minded people get together, Socialize and listen to some awesome driving rhythms or get involved in the music.

The Cradle Drum Circle Dreams of Fire

Stress relieving, Healing and Grounding 

In the Drum Circle there is seldom an audience because everyone is part of the performance. You will likely learn some new rhythms and expect every drum circle to be different. Sometimes there Guitars, didj’s, flutes and other interesting instruments and you get to see fire dancers, and hoopers.


This is a place where you can drum all night or just relax and socialize to the soul soothing rhythms of our heritage

Willows 20 May 2016 (7)


Drumming is known to be very therapeutic and if one follows the rhythms of nature like the moon cycles then you will know that the waxing period is the creation or manifestation time and so the grows to Full. After that is the waning of the moon, a time for releasing our old and out dated habits and patterns as well as letting go of anything that doesn’t serve you positively anymore


The Cradle Drum Circle runs in sync with the cycles of the moon, connecting us more 

with the rhythm and flow of nature and is held on the Closest Friday to Full Moon.

 It is Food for the Soul, soothing and relaxing, yet rejuvenating in an excitable way.


Respect and honor this Sacred space

Please take your rubbish with you when you leave.


Entrance fee of R50

Drum Hire R50

children under 12 get in for free

 Bring your own blankets, Camping Chairs, Drums and other musical instruments 


Right of Admission reserved
No Fire Arms
No Dangerous weapons
No Illegal Substances
No Glass bottles
The Cradle Drum Circle Organizers, Dreams of Fire as well as The Venue and property owners accept
No Responsibility for loss or damage or injury
to any person or property for any reason whatsoever 
Drunk and disorderly behavior will not be tolerated
offenders will be removed.

Drum Facilitation


Drum Facilitation can bring many rewards for the individual and the team and our goal is to deliver a fun, inclusive and interactive program. We aim to promote the universal language of rhythm, through which we can all communicate clearly, share and enjoy ourselves. Our goal is to bring new and vibrant rhythms to each and every event, rhythms that are energizing and exhilarating and we aim to bring the language of rhythm to as many as possible regardless of economic, social, physical or mental ability.


The Program

The drum facilitation usually runs for up to an hour. Participants  get a 9 or 10 inch djembe drum and the session begins with a discovery of deliberate sounds that the drum can make i.e. Bass, Slap and tone. Participants are shown the techniques to get these sounds . Then a facilitation begins where the group is shown and taught how to play a rhythm.Once everybody has got it  Then the group gets divided into 3 groups and the participants get taught variants of that rhythm which are then played simultaneously with each other to create a single  inclusive rhythm. As participants become comfortable with their drums and get into the groove some breaks are thrown in as well as call and response. The last part of the program is an open jam where participants use what they have learned and play along to the new rhythm the facilitators are playing and some percussion instruments like Shakers, Tambourines, Kashishi’s and claves are handed out for those who want to try something differentfacilitation3

Book Drummers

Our drum crew can be booked as meet and greet, cocktails or other applications to create that African feel for your party or event