Fire Dancing, LED Pixel Poi Shows, Specialty Acts, Belly Dancers, Drummers, Carnival performers in Johannesburg South Africa

Sensational Specialty Fire Shows backed with 17 years Industry Experience put us at the top of our game and ensures you get dazzling, one of a kind, breath taking and diverse fire shows that no other fire company can truly lay claim to. Keeping up to date with High tech additions we have Pixel Poi and LED hoop options. Our Team leaders are all certified Fire Marshals with lots of fire safety experience which ensures the utmost attention is paid to safety at all times.
We have a large database of other Professional performers and entertainers as well including Belly Dancers, Drummers Carnival acts and our favorite Specialty acts so keep on scrolling down.

The Hottest Specialty fire shows in South Africa brought to you by Team Dragon Fire.


20 different fire tools – 17 years Stage Show and Safety Experience, unmatched in South Africa


Set your Night Alight

Specialty fire at its best – 17 years Stage Show experience – Dragon Fire Duo, one Male one Female with their diverse and interesting variety of unique fire tools combined with synced choreography and blazing interactions will leave the viewer in ore. Shows are tailor made to cut and edited music and can include other Specialty Acts like Strength, Silk, Contortion etc.The Duo are both certified Fire marshal’s and team leaders when bigger groups of fire performers are required. Freestyle performance options are also Available for all fire and Carnival acts.


With 3 in the mix we add other interesting dynamics to the show including classic fire ballet, Fire finger Dance Choreography, Fire fans and Burning Dresses, LED Hoop etc. We can up the cast to 20 or more fire performers if you like.

Be dazzled by Pixel Poi, the latest trend in visual awesomeness. Take it further by adding your company logo into the mix for that High impact addition to this visual feast.

Be Dazzled with the latest trend - Pixel Poi

LED Hoop, another Fresh trending toy, and you thought hooping was all about keeping it around your waste you will be surprised at how this art form has evolved.

LED Hoop for a dazzling show

We have the best of the best Arial acts including Silk, Lira, Globe and Bungee artists.


We also have the best of those breath taking ground Acts – Strength and Adagio.


Our Seasoned Belly Dancers come with many different colorful and sparkly costumes to compliment their superb artistry


we have a complete collection of top Carnival Acts to complete your carnival theme


Drumming is The Heart beat and heritage of Africa

Our Djembe drummers will rock you be it for a show, meet and greet, back ground vvibes or a Drum facilitation


These are just some of the more popular acts and a taste of what we have to offer. Please feel free to contact us with any queries you have