Dreams of Fire Productions specialize in fire entertainment, fire effects and burning logos. We have been providing Fire entertainment professionally for 23 years, with over 4000 events and functions to date of which at least 50% have been indoors including 500 full Stage shows.


We place safety first at all times, with a history of safe and successful shows giving us a clean safety record. All crew are well versed in our preparation and safety procedures for a show or burning logo. Also having designed and manufactured professional fire gear for himself and his crew for the last 23 years Adrian (COE) continues to improve the standard and quality of fire gear.


All Dragon Fire team leaders are Certified Fire Marshals. All events we are booked to perform on will have at least one certified team leader performing or present.


Placed close to the performance area: 1 Fire Extinguisher – 1 Fire Blanket – Up to 6 wet towels


Wet towels are used to extinguish our burning gear when changing performers and they also serve as a back-up safety feature to smother any unexpected flames. All crew are flame spotters when not performing.

With burning logos we have at least 2 experienced crew members, with at least one a certified fire marshal managing the project to ensure the burn goes smoothly.

When working indoors one of our requirements is that the Venue Managers provide at least 2 of their Fire extinguishers to be on stand-by in the immediate performance area of the show, logo etc.


Once we have assessed the allocated space for our performance as below we choose a safe and out of the way area to set up our fuel station and create a light up and gear extinguishing space. At the allocated time we light up our first set of fire gear and proceed to the performance area and complete our task within the allocated time period swapping out fire tools as we go. On completion of our performance we disassemble and pack up all our fire gear, pack it all into our vehicle and leave.


First and formost we do site assessment of the area allocated for our performance for any possible flammable materials or risk areas where we could see possible hazards concerning the safety of the public, our audience or people passing by as well as ourselves. If for any reason we do not feel comfortable with what we find we will bring this to the attention of our client and we will not proceed until a safe solution has been found. Once we are satisfied that the area is safe we set up our station and proceed with our performance.


Placed close to the performance area: Burnshield Lotion –2 Burnshield sealed sterile trauma dressings – Plasters & Bandages –


Dreams of Fire use Paraffin based fuels for outdoor applications and a smokeless and odourless fuel for indoor applications.

We choose Paraffin as our main fuel because it has a very high flashpoint of 118 to 120 degrees. This makes it a much more stable and safe fuel to use as it has an extremely low evaporation rate and requires a temperature of at least 118 degrees to ignite and cannot sustain a flame without a wick. This virtually eliminates the risk of fuel igniting accidentally or spreading fast for whatever reason.

For Stage productions we sometimes use Benzene in a sealed,clearly labelled, dispensing spray bottle as a flash fuel sprayed onto the wick seconds before lighting when we need quick and efficient lighting for choreography or effects where timing is critical.


The Paraffin is housed in a plastic 5 Liter container with a screw top lid.
The Benzene is housed in a 750ml glass bottle with a screw top lid.
While on site all fuel containers are stored in our fire box marked with fire warning signs, when not in use.


  • We use one static pilot flame (height 10 cm) fuelled with paraffin, as this fuel has the highest flash point. This pilot flame is used to light our fire tool wicks. The pilot flame is always placed far from any potential flammable materials or people and is never left burning or unattended if it can’t be seen at all times.

  • The rest of our flames are mobile as we are fire dancing with them and are attached to chains, aluminium poles and Steel chords. Our equipment is designed and built by in house to the highest safety standard based on 14 years of experience in manufacture and performance.

  • The pilot flame has a low heat emission.

  • Fuel risk profile: Very low evaporation rate and high flash point making harder to ignite than most other fuels and requires a wick of sorts to sustain a flame. The only materials we perform around are stage dressing etc and by law they need to be fire retarded.

  • We do not set our fire station up anywhere near a fire hazard area.

  • Probability of flame spreading is less than 5% as it is in a container and wick is tight fitting so even if it were knocked over no fuel could leak out.


On 2 occasions our equipment and burning logo construction was inspected and approved by Greater Johannesburg’s Fire Chief (Venue: Johannesburg City Hall) and Midrand Fire Chief (Venue:Vodaworld). Idols SA – we have had our fire gear and burning logos checked and apprroved numerous times By health and safety officers in charge. Miss South Africa – we have we have had our fire gear and burning logos checked and apprroved by health and safety officers in charge. We were granted permission by Health & Safety of The Emirates Palace Hotel (7 Star), Abu Dhabi to perform on Stage in their Ballroom.


Emirates Palace Ballroom (Abu Dhabi) -Sandton Sun Hotel – Sandton Convention Center – Cape Town Convention Center – Durban Convention Centre – Johannesburg City Hall – The State Theatre (PTA) – Northgate Dome – Sun City: Superbowl, The Ballroom, Hall of Treasures etc – The Castle Kyalami – Theatre on the Track – The Venue – Vodadome – Rosebank Hotel – Monte Casino Complex & Ballroom – Gallagher Estate – Emperors Palace…..and numerous Conference Centers, Restaurants and Night Clubs.

Should you have additional technical or safety queries please call Adrian directly                      on 082 254 7107